Step inside a new development before it is built

Up to recently we have been creating 3D virtual tours for real estate businesses and presenting them as 'online open houses' for our clients. This requires us scanning the property and then creating the 3D model from the data collected. But what if you want to step inside a new home and experience it as if you were actually there?

We tested a few different new technologies and found an affordable option which gave great results called Archilogic. These 3D models work exactly the same as the 3D models of real spaces we currently offer, with the dollhouse view, floor plan view and guided tour options still available. We wanted to find an option similar to the 3D models we currently offer. Viewers can control these 3D models in the same fashion, whether it is a real space or a 3D generated space.

All we need to generate the 3D model is a floor plan and some artist impressions if you available. We then decorate the areas of the property to give viewers a better idea of how the property will look when finished. One of the greatest features of these models is the ability to add furniture and other items to the inside yourself, so potential buyers can decorate to their own taste.

Viewers love being able to control what they see and interact with the 3D models so it is sure way to generate leads and help you sell properties off plans. The 3D models can be viewed in virtual reality which is a great selling tool also. Explore the example that we generated from the floor plan pictured below.