Real Estate Virtual Reality Is Changing The Industry

Real Estate Virtual Reality

Real Estate is the latest industry to be transformed by virtual reality technology. It is currently becoming a big hit with both buyers and sellers in America and we predict that it will be the future of selling homes in Ireland and the UK in the not so distant future. How you market a property is one of the main things sellers look for when choosing a real estate agent. Once you tell a client that you will create a virtual reality tour of their property, they will be sold because it is something that very few can offer.  It gives  real estate agents an advantage when competing with other agents. But what other advantages does it offer to real estate agents and businesses?

  • It will help you win more listings. The more listings you take on the more your potential income grows. The real estate market in Ireland and the UK is thriving again which means there are more listings than ever before and also more buyers. Competition is fierce and you have to find a competitive advantage.


  • It will help you create a buzz around your business and help cement your place as the expert in your location.


  • Get hot leads as a result of this technology. When people see the experiences that you offer, they will be more likely to choose you when the time comes that they decide to sell.


  • Build your business brand. Virtual reality listings will give you a reputation as a technologically advanced real estate business and prove that you have more tools than anyone else to sell a home in the quickest time possible and for the highest price.


  • Save time. This is perhaps the biggest benefit, especially to agents. Many hours are spent on viewings showing buyers properties that they are uninterested in. Now imagine showing a buyer 5 properties from the comfort of your office and then letting the buyer narrow down the properties that they are interested in. Then when they view the property in person, it is usually just to confirm what they have already seen and they are usually ready to make an offer!!


Are you ready to take your business to the next level with virtual reality listings? 

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Real Estate Virtual Reality