Hospitality Virtual Tours: 5 Benefits

There are many reasons why adding a virtual tour to your online marketing plan can improve your business. We are going to talk about what we think are the top 5 selling points and the one’s which will help you increase your bookings and sales.

  1. Pictures don’t tell the full story. How many time do we book online and then arrive at a hotel or Air B&B and it is similar to what it looked like online but not in person. A virtual tour offers full transparency which a customer appreciates and it will help them reach a decision quicker. If you are proud of your establishment you have nothing to hide!
  2. It will give you a competitive advantage online. If you are looking into virtual tours you are already ahead of your competition. A virtual tour will take you one step further. Build a buzz around your business with a new visually impressive tool that you can share to all your fans and potential customers.
  3. It will help you generate incremental bookings. The tours have the ability to go viral on social media. A recent hotel room we captured was viewed over 10,000 times in a matter of days. Within all our tours is a link that viewers can click on that will lead them directly to a ‘Book Now’ page. This is also a great way to track how effective the virtual tours can be.
  4. You can offer your target market options like never before. Now viewers can step inside all your room types, from a standard room, to a deluxe suite,  all the way up the penthouse suite. The more choice you give them, the longer they stay on your website and the more likely they are to make a reservation.
  5. Highlight key areas of your establishment that users may otherwise miss. We include twitter like tags in all our tours (as seen in example below), to highlight extras included in rooms for example or other facilities that your business offers, that your customers may not know about. If a person is viewing your virtual tour, you have already caught their attention and now you can alert them to your great offerings.

Overall a virtual tour could be a game changer for your business. Hotels and rentals around the world are starting to see the benefits of them and how they can be used to draw in new audiences. It the only way a customer can truly experience your location before they arrive and a powerful lead generation tool. See an example below of a luxury hotel located in Waterford City and notice how we combine a visually impressive and free-flowing experience with information along the way that leads to a cal to action at the end. A virtual tour could be the difference between someone making a reservation or moving on to a similar cheaper hotel in a nearby location.

Waterford Castle Presidential Suite