We Streamline all documentation of a project site, speed up as-built designs, and allow all parties involved to collaborate with ease

We provide 3D technology for construction industry for rapid BIM and Quick & efficient construction documentation. We create a completely immersive 3D model of a job site that you can share, annotate, and export.

We offer a way to capture large sites quickly and in sufficient detail for CAD designers to use as a template to build their 3D CAD model accurately.

Importing models of an existing site to use as a template for modelling site layout and structure.
Perform visual clash detection with proposed design in the context of the existing site
Generate renderings of proposed design changes with existing site for planning discussions
Accurately capture a site “as constructed” at the end of a project for updating the CAD model for handover
Faster & More Efficient
The models created are more complete & a quicker option that current 3D laser scanning options available
Accurate to 1%
Our work is accurate enough to create point clouds as reference points that can be exported to software programmes like Autodesk Recap & Revit for construction documentation & as-builts.
Simplified Documentation
We provide 2D & 3D data to keep track of key project milestones for smart and simplified construction project documentation.
Reduces Costs
We will reduce your virtual design and construction costs by quickly allowing you to import point clouds of a site into your BIM software to build upon.

Faster & smarter technology solution for Building Information Modelling (BIM) of the built environment

Training Purposes
Show a person an entire area before they ever step foot on it. Safety is priority. Shows a person what areas they are not allowed to access and what areas they can.
Replace Photos
The single model we provide takes the place of 1000's of photos and adds real context to your construction documentation workflow.
Enable Remote Inspections
Reduce the number of site inspections needed by giving secure access to your team to carry out remote inspections throughout the construction process.
Simplify 3D Measurements
Forgotten measurements will never be an issue again. You can now measure every ridge, beam and pipe and never have to return to a site because your forgot a measurement.